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Hiring the wrong removal company can quickly send your relocation into Watford spiralling into a financial and stressful nightmare. Making sure you find a trustworthy and good value for money removal company can make the world of difference, and make your move much more straight forward and stress free. When looking at potential companies, there are a few things to bear in mind and approaches to adopt which will minimise, if not completely eliminate, the chances of you getting ripped off by a cowboy company.

Common Scams

If you know what to lookout for, you can often spot a scamming company or man in van a mile off. The most common form of scam is normally giving you a very low quote or estimate, which can initially lead you into the belief that you are getting a great value service. The problem is, these scammers will then start adding lots of additional charges during or after you have moved, which means you will be in a difficult position and will probably have to pay them in order to ensure all your items get to your new Watford home. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to simply not book a company if you have any bad feelings about them. If you do get any very low quotes, especially if they seem too good to be true, then the best bet is to go with another company. Alternatively, you can always check a company is registered with the appropriate associations that monitor the WD1 removals industry. Companies and man in van services registered with these authorities are usually trustworthy, and if anything should go wrong, you can report them to the authority and have a good chance of getting compensation.

Keeping your options open

Another good way to avoid any potential scams is to keep your options open. You can do this by looking for around three or four companies that you like the look of, before phoning around all of them to get some estimates. You should be able to tell from your initial contact how professional a company is, and form the estimate whether they could be trying to scam you. If you are unsure, then you have some alternative options to explore. Also, getting a number of different quotes will make any potential scamming companies stand out  - if one of the four you have chosen for example, is offering an extremely low estimate compared to the others, then you will know not only the general going rate for most companies, but also which one is likely to be untrustworthy.

Finding good companies

One of the best ways of finding the most reliable Watford movers is to try the word of mouth approach first. Simply ask around all your friends, family and work colleagues, especially anyone you might know who has moved into the Watford area recently, as they may have some valuable recommendations and feedback about the removal service they used for their relocation. Man in van services often get a lot of their business through word of mouth too, so place a lot of importance on their reputation. If you can find a number of people that can vouch for their service, you are probably on the trail of a good WD1 removal service. An additional bonus to this approach is that someone may directly know some movers, and as a result you might be able to take advantage of a discounted rate due to your contacts, so this is always a good approach to try first, before checking online.