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When moving house there are a great many things that can help you to make the process less of an ordeal. We all need to face it at some time, but getting our heads round all of the different factors that can go wrong can be impossible, especially when you do not have the right equipment! We have compiled a few useful home removal tools to use when you are in the process of packing up and shipping out, whether it is a large or a small move.

While it may not be considered a piece of equipment, many people say that the most powerful tool is the human brain. We know that you are going to use your brain when you are moving house, but really thinking hard on things and doing the most research you can manage will give you such a head start in making your move an easy one. Comparing services from different removals companies, and researching the most economical, as well as ecologically friendly packing solutions will give you peace of mind when the big day comes!

If you are performing a massive move, and have a great many boxes to pack up, then the first of our actual tools to recommend is a packing tape roller, sometimes known as a tape dispenser. One of the noises that you will start to associate with the move is the sharp screech of packing tape being ripped from its roll, and this noise is often followed by a sometimes uncomfortable tearing of the tape with your teeth. If you are sick of getting tape in your mouth, or just do not fancy having to bite it any more, then the tape roller will make things a lot easier. These handy pieces of kit cost under ten pounds at most stores, and can be bought online from around a fiver. There are a tonne of instructions on the internet as to how to use them, but they are fairly self explanatory, and will make taping up boxes a breeze, saving you time and frustration!

If you are considering doing the heavy lifting part of the move by yourself, or even if you have just decided to use a man and a van, rather than a full size removals company, then invest in a pair of gloves. Many lifting gloves are lightweight and breathable, with a tough rubber palm that will be especially grippy to help you get a firm hold of annoyingly shaped objects. These gloves will also protect your fingers from splinters and the burn that can come with certain materials, like upholstery, rubbing against your hands. If there is one useful home removals tool to buy, then it is these, they will be worth every penny.

Again, if you have a fair deal of moving to do by yourself, then a sack barrow can be extremely useful. These trolley are cleverly designed to make moving larger objects with corners and flat surfaces much easier. They have a lower plate which slides under the object, which is then rocked back, and the two wheels take the weight of the item, so that you do not have to! Sack Barrows make moving wardrobes and chests etcetera a walk in the park, meaning that you don’t get worn out too quickly. These barrows can also come in a useful folding version, which can slide in to a thin space, which will take up less room in your van as you try to maximize the amount that you can move in one go.