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I'm so glad I chose this removals company. I can't imagine what I would've been subjected to had I not gone with Moving Company.

  • Luke B.
  • 08Dec 2017

I needed a cheap house moving service. I didn't expect Moving Company to be a great choice because I didn't pay much, but they worked on my move seriously.

  • M. Fenton
  • 28Jun 2017

This moving company knows how to treat their customers, knows what it means to provide a cheap and reliable service, one that's all about the customer. That's why Removal Service are the company for me.

  • Josh H.
  • 31May 2017

Cheap and cheerful! Would recommend London Removals to all who need a reliable service at low cost!

  • Randolph
  • 13Dec 2016

I urgently needed help with my home removals two days ago and didn't know who would help me at such short notice. I called different companies and the only one that offered a same-day service at no extra cost was Removal Firm. They were really helpful over the phone and reassured me that they would be able to help me. From the instant I spoke to their office staff, I knew this was a great company because they were so professional and I know a company's customer service is a key sign of whether that company is good or not.

  • Jackie Roberts
  • 21Dec 2015

London Removals did a good job for my move. They arrived on time and got the work done quickly. The prices were affordable and I got all the help I needed. Nothing was lost or broken. I was very impressed.

  • Rachel C.
  • 27May 2015

The weather was absolutely abysmal on the day of my house move that I wasn't even sure we'd be able to move! It was pouring with rain and freezing cold! The removal team from London Removals really weren't bothered about the weather though and just got on with things without complaint. By the evening, me, my husband and our two dogs were relaxing in front of a roaring fire at the new house. What a fantastic job they did and at a really cheap price too! I will always recommend them to anyone who is thinking of moving home!

  • E. Allsop
  • 08May 2015

I used Removal Firm for my recent house moving and was extremely pleased with the service. From start to finish it all went exceptionally well by a great team of employees. The staff members were professional and knew what they were doing. They were organised and arranged to meet first so they could go over the load that I was moving and give me a price. The cost was fair, and I got to book the date I needed which was great. I also used the packing service which helped reduce my work load tremendously. All of my things got to my new home safe and sound, nothing was misplaced or broken. A really great company and very professional!

  • Doris Baker
  • 27Feb 2015

I couldn't have been happier after Removal Firm took care of my antiques removals from my recently deceased mother's house to my flat in London. The movers seemed to know exactly what they were doing and handled my valuables with such care; I didn't have to worry about their condition upon arrival. They used special equipment to move my antique vases and carefully wrapped all the priceless paintings. For specialised moves, they really are the finest I've ever come across!

  • Emily B.
  • 24Nov 2014

I was impressed with the man with van removal service I have just hired from Removal Firm. The removal vehicle was immaculate and a new model, plus a driver to help with the loading and off loading. I only hired the service for a day and it all went well. The service was fantastic and a really good price. I didn't want a massive load moving just some possessions from a bed sit so this service was just right for my needs.

  • Jeffery Peers
  • 12Nov 2014

My office move would have been a complete disaster if it weren't for the help of Removal Firm and their office removals service. The specialist office movers were really experienced and helped me with everything that I needed doing. The move went well with no problems and I couldn't have asked for better customer service or better hands-on help when it came to moving day! I'm really pleased with this company and would like to thank the movers for all their help - I honestly don't know how I would have done it without you and I'm very glad I went with this company!

  • Jerry P.
  • 25Jul 2014

I am very excited to say that I had an amazing removal with Removal Firm recently. They were instrumental in ensuring that we got all of our belongings moved safely and efficiently, and for an excellent price as well! I will certainly be using them in the future, should I need a removals company that has a great service as well as a really agreeable price! Many thanks to all there who were involved, I hope to see you again soon!

  • Philip Hughes
  • 07Jul 2014

Those guys at Removal Firm are really the difference makers. I was moving out of student halls so needed a quick and easy student removals service. I wasn't really sure what I was looking for but their advice made a lot of sense and in the end the move went really well. I can definitely say that I'm happy with the service that I got and I cannot think of a single way in which they could have improved it. Really great, friendly staff and prices which suited my (student) budget. Think I'll be giving them a call next time.

  • Carrie Townsend
  • 26Jun 2014

My mother can be picky sometimes in her old age but she was very happy with your service. Thank you for packing her home up so perfectly. I wish my mother didn't have to stay in a retirement home but in her age its hard to live alone. She had fun talking with your workers too. I always worry about people trying to take advantage of her when it comes to money but REMOVAL offered the best price available. Truthfully, I expected the price for packing, moving and storing my mothers things to be much, much, higher1 it goes to show that you can get premium services no matter what your budget.

  • I. Chianelli
  • 17May 2014

Thank you very much for delivering my antique collection to my new gallery home, I have been collecting those antiques for years and this was the first time I trusted someone with their safe delivery. I don't wanna lie at first I was nervous and I would have done it myself but I had to meet with my grandma before my trip and when I saw how gentle your workers were, I saw they knew what they were doing. And they protected my pieces perfectly. Everything arrived in excellent condition. REMOVAL will be the only company I ever use again.

  • Emma K.
  • 27Feb 2014

You definitely deliver, not just literally when the truck pulls up, but you deliver when it comes to a fine standard of service. I was scared about moving abroad, especially doing it by myself. At least I thought by myself but you made sure everything was taken care of and the guy who kept me informed on the whereabouts of my things, was good at explaining everything to me and I appreciate that because starting school in another country is stressful enough. REMOVAL is #1, Oh yeah tell “--” I said hi!

  • Danielle. T.
  • 17Feb 2014

I first want to apologize for calling to arrange my office Removal with such short notice and thank you for being so understanding of my situation, but you know how divorces are. Your workers were very professional and displayed a great work ethic, you really trained them good. I am no so much of a compliment type of person, but your performance was above my expectations, which I was very surprised about because last time I used a moving company there were “issues”. I won't mention the name of the company but they were no where near your company's level of professionalism. I will use REMOVAL again.

  • I. Fiengold
  • 14Sep 2013

REMOVAL I would use the name of the young man who assisted me throughout my move but I am not sure if it's allowed. Well, the man who was assigned to coordinate my international move took care of everything even when I missed my flight he had my things put into storage so that it would be safe and he always called to keep me updated. I thank him for that. Thank you very much for your kind service.

  • Mr Martinich
  • 26Jul 2013

Thanks REMOVAL!! I never would have used your services had my boyfriend been in town or even if my friends were able to help me move but they could not get off of work and as you know my schedule was very tight. I can say this though, that your men took very good care of my stuff and were nice too. I didn't even know that its not good to pack all my hairsprays in a box. Thanks fellas!

  • R. Smitnoo
  • 11Jul 2013

The first thought that came to my mind was “damn, this is going to cost me a lot of money” but it turns out REMOVAL has really affordable prices, not that I don't have the money to spend but, I just never knew that hiring a moving company was that cheap, I actually made more money by using them because I was still able to make to the pit and get my hands on some killer stock. I will use you when I move in to my next house, maybe it will be bigger.

  • R. J.
  • 22May 2013

I guess I am like a lot of the other people who posted a review on here, I hate moving to, I always forget something. I remember the first time I changed my apartment after college, I just left everything because I didn't want to pack it but now my possessions are a little more expensive. My wife really appreciated not having to wrap all of her nick knacks, she said to tell you guys you did a great job and I agree. REMOVAL is one fine company.

  • J. Glendonhagen
  • 17Mar 2013

If I said complete satisfaction I don't know if I would be saying enough to express my gratitude to REMOVAL! You really saved my a complete headache, ever since my husband left its been difficult for me to do things the labor work by myself. I was so happy you guys helped me pack my boxes and I didn't have to carry a thing. The kids had fun too, helping your guys out. Thank you for giving me a great price too, sorry I had so much junk.

  • D. Montibella
  • 04Feb 2013

When I first started thinking about hiring a company to execute my move, I was quite worried. I am a security guard in a supermarket and I have caught employees stealing everything from ziplock bags to spaghetti sauce and integrity of employees always concerns me. In the end I gave REMOVAL a try and my things were delivered to me on time, in perfect shape and their employees are well trained and very well mannered. I am glad there is a company out there with employees that respect their clients. Thank you REMOVAL.org.uk!

  • M. Kelly
  • 23Jan 2013