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Planning ahead is vital to a successful SW3 home move. This extends beyond the few days before your move, as many of the tasks on this checklist will have to be completed well in advance of this day. Though there are solutions to work around if you haven’t ticked off all of the following boxes, this might not be ideal for your SW3 removal process. Though some of these things may seem obvious, it is important to mention them all, as in the hurricane of a move even the things that may well be at the forefront of some people’s minds may have completely slipped others. Below is a list of all the things you should have done.

-    Booking your SW3 man and van service or removal company. Removal companies will often have to be booked weeks in advance and are often very busy, so this should have been done a long time ago. If this hasn’t been done, man and van services can often offer a convenient alternative that is available on much shorter notice than a full scale removal company.

-    You will need to make contact with all of the companies who currently supply you with different services. This is for many different reasons. Firstly, if you let bill payment notices go to your old house then you could well fall behind on your utilities bills, which could then result in fines for late payments. Furthermore, you may not want other people having details such as bank account numbers that may well appear on statements and bills. Beyond this, having your mail forwarded will help you remember all of the bills and utilities you need to pay at your new home. A forwarding service is available from the Royal Mail for £38.

-    Furthermore, you will have wanted to have completed much of the packing that you need to do before the move. This doesn’t mean you pack away everything, as you still want to live in relative comfort for your final week in your old house to reduce stress levels, but packing away some of your less used items and the majority of your clothes will allow for an easier final few days in your soon to be old house. Living in boxes isn’t a great feeling, but it certainly beats being underprepared for your forthcoming move.

-    You may well want to have considered self storage. This can be useful for many situations when moving. Firstly and most simply, if you have too many things to move on one day (or have forgotten to book a man and van or removal service to assist you) then putting some of your less necessary belongings into self storage could give you the breathing space you need to take the move at the pace you desire. Also, if your move is a short term one, because of a work contract, student living or just not finding your dream property whilst receiving an offer you can’t turn down – self storage offers a cheap and reliable service that can be taken up or cancelled in the short term.

Hopefully with this checklist you won’t feel you have forgotten to achieve anything you wanted to before your move. It doesn’t include everything you should be doing and obviously individual cases will bring up unique circumstances. Along with this, all agreements should be in place with your estate agency and potential landlord if applicable. Hopefully this checklist will help you create a smooth and successful move.