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Starting college is quite frustrating in itself and adding the fact that you will need to bring a bunch of things for school and living is even more stressful. Remembering or even knowing what you are going to need to bring can be difficult in all the excitement. Most college students live in dorms and there are some common things that they will need to have without even knowing it in most cases. Student handbooks just don’t cover everything that a college student will need for their dorms and there is no way a handbook could.

Some things every student living in a dorm should have:
A Flashlight:
Having a flashlight is available is something every college student should have, there’s no way of telling what can happen and in dorms students are not allowed to have candles due to the hazard fire would present. If the power does go out a flashlight is the only light sources that you can have, so it is always good to have one on hand because these things happen.

With all the electronics people have today it is amazing how many things will need batteries, not that there won’t be access to stores where these can be bought but having them on hand is always a good idea. The flashlight is one of the things that will need batteries right off the bat.

Power Strips:
One thing will always be true when living the dorm life and that is that there will never be enough outlets to plug things into. Bringing along a few power strips will save a big headache later down the line and at first arrival. Sitting back and thinking of all the things that will need power is mind blowing these days, cell phone chargers, laptop charger, TV set, a router for internet, lamps and that’s just to name a few.

First Aid Kit:
Something that students almost always forget to bring is a well-stocked first aid kit, which they will definitely need, just for the band aids alone. It’s not like at home where mom and dad keep a good supply of medicines and a selection of band aids in the medicine cabinet. 

A Pencil Sharpener:
While in college students have to take a lot of tests, most of which will be multiple choice and these usually have to be done with a pencil, not to mention all the note taking and essay writing that will be done. This little thing can go miles as large classes often do not have pencil sharpeners. Having a pencil sharpener will make you quite popular too.

Mattress Pad:
Freshers never really think about this but the beds in dorms usually are hard and very uncomfortable, it is almost an unwritten rule that a mattress pad should be taking along, so falling asleep won’t be so difficult at night.

Shower Shoes:
Students forget that most dorms have shared shower rooms and that they can get pretty nasty. A pair of shower shoes or sandals will be needed; well you’ll wish you hadn’t forgot them at least.

Hand Sanitizer:
In college dorms it is very easy to swap germs and it is likely that a roommate will get sick at least one time during your time together. To keep the germs away it is a good idea to have a good supply of hand sanitizer.