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Getting out of the capital is often the dream of many London residents who dream of getting out of the city and into the country air to raise a family away from the insanity of urban life. Often however, those ex urbanites will find themselves missing the hustle and bustle that they once wanted to avoid. The country side may be a peaceful place to relax, but what if you’re seeking some excitement? For these reasons a residential move to Harrow, and the rest of London’s suburbs is a fantastic opportunity in which to keep the peaceful side of life on your doorstep, but makes it a short commute into the heart of the capital.

If you find your self in such luck as to be heading towards a new life just out side of the city, then there are a great deal of considerations to be made as to your actual move. How do you want it to be performed, and what can you afford? Giving your self a decent enough window of time to think all of these things through will make you move a smooth and simple one.

Spend a decent amount of time researching your removals company. By looking deep in to what you expect from each company, you will have the highest chance of getting your value for money. Often you will pay less for a lesser service, but this is not always the case. Be sure of what you want from your mover, many larger firms will offer a range of services across the spectrum of different practices, from the standard moving of your boxed items in a van or truck, to packing your whole house up for you, and unpacking it at the other end! Work out whether you want to use storage, and where the best place to store your items is. A great many movers will offer a storage option, and this can save a lot of effort on your part, as they will transport all items to the lock up and get everything inside. Obviously all of these services are attractive, but what is best for you is what you can reasonably afford. Should you be very busy with work then a fully comprehensive service will likely be very useful for you, as the money spent on such a luxury will mean time and money saved by not missing any of your business! Otherwise it is wise to do your packing you self, both to save a bit of cash, and also to make sure that the whole process is overseen by your self. You alone know the value and nature of your items, so it is certainly important to be aware of how they are being packed up and transported.

Haggle with your mover for a better quote and use a trusted firm, some ‘cowboy’ companies can be very slow, and lazy, and then charge you for overtime, or even leave the premises at 5.30, when their day ‘ends’! You can’t let your self be caught out by these hidden costs, so make sure to ask lots of questions about charges for extra services and read the fine print with a magnifying glass! These hidden terms  will be what separates the firms by definition of pricing, and will allow you to get a better over view as to what exactly you are paying for.

Once you have chosen your mover, be talkative with the head of the project. Give them a brief before hand, as well as on the day, and plans of the two properties with instructions as to what goes where and when. These simple guidelines will greatly improve your relationship with you movers, as well as reducing your own stress on the day.