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A removal is the first step of a relocation and, whoever said that the first step is always the hardest, knew what they were talking about. While the move itself and the process of packing, unpacking and settling into a brand new place, The removal process is a slow and labor-intensive one. Of course, there is the small chance that everything will go absolutely perfectly, but it rarely does. So, to help you deal with possible mishaps, this article features a few problem scenarios.

The first set of problems that may occur are due to inadequate planning. This is particularly apt if you’re planning on packing, doing the removals and moving everything yourself. The first thing that could go wrong here is that, if due to unforeseen circumstances, some of the people helping you do not show, then the move will take much longer and may even have to be postponed. When dealing with people who  aren’t on a contract and aren’t explicitly scheduled to help with your move, unforeseen circumstances are always a possibility. However, even if everyone does show, it might turn out that you anticipated the time it would take wrongly and the process of moving everything out takes far longer than the original plan, thus stretching your move, possibly into an extra day.

Another possible problem scenario comes with the moving vehicle. When taking care of the move without any professional help, you can’t really count on anyone’s reliability. A lot of people opt for hiring a van and then driving their furniture and belongings to the destination by themselves. While this will, of course, save you from having to deal with extra people – movers, drivers, etc. – it also sets you up for more risks. A lot of people report their hired transportation not showing up on the day of the move – due to scheduling conflicts or various other reasons – leaving them with their baggage fully packed, to plan for another day. Alternatively, if you’ve opted for a “man with a van” type service, where you basically hire the vehicle along with an experienced driver, this comes with its own set of problems and challenges. Most importantly, you should always check their credentials – while most “man with van” services are perfectly reputable, you should avoid exposing yourself to the risk of a potential scam. A lot of people report trusting an unreliable service of this kind and ending up in the worst possible scenario – in a new place, without any of their belongings.

All of these points lead to the logical assertion that hiring a professional moving company is probably your most reliable option. If you settle on this, however, you  should still be careful about a few things. Mostly, you should just double check everything. Make sure you call in to book the service with enough advance warning – a month in advance is good. This will ensure that the company’s movers and vans aren’t fully booked for the date of your move. As well as this, you  should probably call in a few days before the actual move, to make sure that everything is still on. Another thing to look out for is scams, as with the previous scenario. Always check the company’s reputation by asking around on life and in person – talk to anyone who’s had experience with your moving company. Similarly, when the movers arrive, always ask for identification, so that you are sure you’re dealing with employees of the moving company and not imposters.