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Alone or with help? Even packing basics can be frustrating

Moving BoxesWhen making a home or office removal, efficiently packing a box is quite difficult. You will need some packaging materials, and packing tape that is reliable is very important. Plastic or strapping tape with at least a 2-inch width is best. Having a tape dispenser is a good idea, too. A marker will also be helpful, for marking boxes as professional removal companies do, usually by writing the room and other identifying marks on the moving box. Bubble wrap is very important when wrapping fragile materials. Professionals know that using packing paper to fill empty space is very important when loading a box, to ensure that nothing has room to move about while in transit. A trade secret is to set up a workstation with all the packing materials making it easy to reach anything that will be needed. If hiring a company to handle your moving needs, it’s likely that you will see such an arrangement in use by the pros.

Packing boxes can easily seem like hard and unpleasant work, and it quickly becomes frustrating trying to fit as many things in one box as possible. Making the best use of space in a moving box is very important and helps to make removals safer. Companies can guide their clients in the right direction when it comes to packing boxes, without wasting space or risking any damage to the belongings that will be in the box. When using a company to assist with a move, some offer packing services, under the client's guidance of what should be packed and what shouldn't. This is a valuable service that companies offer in order to meet clients’ needs.

There are many benefits of using a company for packing your boxes; the main thing is that they have employees who have been trained in seemingly unknown packing techniques, such as always placing heavier items at the bottom of a box, to create an equilibrium in the boxes. This is just one example of some things a trained mover knows and follows very strictly. A box packed the other way around with no regard for balance or the weight of items on top of other items, will be unstable and will probably have items damaged during transport. Another rule that professionals follow is the “Heavy = Small” rule, which is that the heavier the item, the smaller the box should be. This will distribute the weight evenly throughout the box. Boxes should not exceed 50 pounds when being packed either, there is more of a chance of the box giving in to the weight and this also reduces the risk of injury when lifting. Professionals know this.

When packing there are some crucial things to be aware of, such as not packing hazardous items. There are numerous items that are considered hazardous, some of which are common household items you may not realize are dangerous. Aerosols are by far one of the most dangerous items and they should not be packed by any means. Aerosols can quickly become bombs. One way is by rapid temperature change, which can occur quite frequently while going from one area to another. Since aerosols are under pressure a temperature change can make the pressure build up and cause the container to explode without warning. There is also the risk that if a box that is filled with such items is accidentally dropped an aerosol can might sustain damage and instantly become very dangerous to anyone nearby.

Packers and MoversA company that specializes in removals knows from experience what clients can easily forget to pack and that clients have items that they will need to have immediately available for use when they get to their new destination. Helpful packing advice such as letting customers know that it’s a good idea to pack a “necessities” box, can avoid hours of searching. A necessities box should include items like toothbrushes, toiletries, and anything else that a customer may want to have on hand immediately for use. A necessities box would be the first box that would be unpacked. This is a great way to avoid the stress of looking through boxes for items that are needed right away.

There are times when having a company handle the packing of items just may not be needed, but it doesn't mean that a moving company will not be able to help in another way. Most companies offer removal kits for the packing and storage needs of their clients. A removal kit is basically an assortment of moving boxes and packing materials that are available in a variety of sizes, usually determined by the number of rooms to be moved. Companies can even deliver these removal kits directly to the site of the removal. Some firms also have waterproof plastic containers available for rent and usually the company renting these will deliver them, transport them when ready and pick them up after the client is finished with them. The rates found are very reasonable considering what it would cost to buy such containers.

If you can handle the transportation of your boxes and the majority of packing can be done without the help of a removal company, great – but remember not to take the risk of dropping that new plasma screen TV! A company can come in and pack special or specific items for, too. This is very useful for items such as artwork and items that require special handling so as to not damage them. Packing special items to prevent damage and transporting them to where they need to go is something a removal company can help with. The options are really unlimited when it comes to customers packing needs. The professionals know best.