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People have many reasons to start planning a removal. A family can look for a more secure place to raise children or to try better career options. An older couple may search for the house of their dreams, and some people move to get away from something or avoid their current problems. In any case, people moving will inevitable have things which they will want to carry with them. There are many different situations in which people will find themselves when moving – but this article will cover just the basics – moving a house’s contents and the kitchen equipment.

Removal companies and removal services offered are not always cheep, so you have to evaluate carefully the number of boxes you need to buy and the vehicle you will need to rent. Very few houses have only regularly shaped items, so the person moving should expect to need some boxes that will remain almost empty and have only one or two pieces. But this should be considered normal – no one can expect to find a square pot or vase. That’s why wrapping your belongings is so important – to fill the gaps among the items in each box.

However if you think that moving is just putting things in a box, this article will prove you wrong.

The first scenario is a studio flat. The belongings in this kind of home can be fitted into ten or eleven medium-sized boxes. Usually, this type of box has the following dimensions – 405 mm length, 405 mm width and 405 mm height. It is necessary to describe the dimensions because this type of box will be the one used most often and it’s good to know what we mean by “medium-sized”. And for these ten or eleven boxes a simple estate car can be rented.

For the most common 1-2 bedroom flat or a 2-bedroom house a family has to prepare about twenty medium-sized boxes. If there is a smaller number of boxes, one can choose a small transit van; if there are more boxes, one will have to pay for a large van. The difference is a result of the types of furniture to be moved, like larger bedroom furniture, including wardrobes, a dresser and maybe some chairs.

It must be mentioned that it is essential to remember during the packing process that each piece of technological equipment like a washing machine, a fridge, etc, goes in a different box or some other type of packaging. You cannot combine any of the above with other smaller or larger items in the same box – for the safety and future use of each machine.
We’ve reached the 3-bedroom house – here, the difference in removal vehicle becomes more obvious. If it is possible to pack the small stuff into the same 20 medium-sized boxes, the other furniture will need to go in an extra van. This is because the furniture is basically multiplied by two – the chest of drawers, the wardrobes and the beds.

Finally comes the packing of a 4 or more bedroom house. Here the renting of a lorry and maybe an additional small vehicle is inevitable. And if temporary storage is needed, it will likely be a 13,9 sq.m. space to fit everything.

This brief review will give the person undertaking the job of packing some idea of the necessary items, which are important for planning a removal.

The process of packing relies on paying strict attention to the details. Therefore, it must be said that simply buying packing and  boxes is not all that has to be done. If you want to unpack unbroken, ready-to-use items, you will need some small, but significant things. A bottle or glass divider should be obtained, as well as a plate divider. Be sure to add some packing tape, markers and a packing knife.

Many people will find this guide a bit basic, but if you think that moving is a piece of cake at the beginning, by the middle you will see that it is much more than that, so it is important to understand with the basics.