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Regardless of how stressful moving home is, you'll be able to find cheer in Balham, the London neighbourhood that's always up for a laugh. On Bedford Hill is the pub that hosted the Banana Cabaret, which has played host to numerous comedians and comediennes, such as Al Murray and Jo Brand. With a town this entertaining, don't rule out self storage as an option. It's usefulness is not a laughing matter.

Self storage is, as its name suggests, a place where you can store your possessions outside of your home. Outside of moving, it can be used to store items that are not in use for the foreseeable future, but too useful or sentimental to simply sell or throw away. Or if you're going on holiday, and you don't want to leave all of your goods in your house. But, for the purposes of this article, we're going to be focussing on how self storage can be useful for those on the move.

You might end up needing the extra storage space if your moving transport can't hold everything you plan to take. You can store the excess goods until you figure out whether you're going to find room for them, or until you can schedule their sale. Consider if you have to lodge with a family member, or in a travel lodge while you're waiting to move. In this situation, self storage is extremely necessary, seeing as you've already sold your house, and there's not enough space in your temporary lodgings for two houses worth of goods.

So, if you've considered the possibilities and have decided that self storage can help you, then you must be wondering what to do next. Well, the first step is to find a self storage firm. One that's located near to you, or near to where you're moving too, depending on what you need them for.

Then, consider which type of container you require. Are you moving the contents of your garage as well as household goods? You need a large storage room with easy road access, preferably outside if you need easy access to the car. If you're just moving documents, writing implements or perhaps even small valuables like jewellery, then a small, locker sized store is what you're looking for. Contact the company to make sure they've got the right size store for you.

While you're contacting them, also find out about any extra services they offer. Ask how they handle security, if you feel this will aid your piece of mind. Ask if they offer instant access, if you feel you're going to need your things back at short notice. If you lack the proper means of transport to get to their container lot, or if you feel you're going to be too busy with the move, you can even ask about the 'moving storage service'. In layman’s terms, this means they'll send a van over and pick your things up, and bring them back when you need them. It's a very convenient service.

So, I think you can agree, the existence of self storage is a large benefit to our lives. Whether you're moving house, or just need to have a clear out, there's most likely some way that this service will enrich your life.