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Getting furniture moved to a removal van and then getting in place in your new SE1 home might not be something you are looking forward too, but there are a few things that you can do to make the moving of your furniture in your new or old home much easier when you’re relocating.

Clearing and emptying

Before you start moving anything around, take anything that is detachable off the furniture. This might be doors or drawers for a wardrobe, cushions for sofas, and so on. While it may not seem like much, it will help to reduce the overall weight of the item you have to move, making it easier to handle. Also, you will avoid anything falling off when moving or loading onto the SE1 removal van, which can help avoid costly damage to your furniture.


Don’t try lifting any heavy furniture on your own. Hopefully will have a few SE1 movers on hand to help, but if not then try to get some friends or family local to SE1 to help. Whenever you are lifting a heavy item, always bend your knees and lift from the floor, keeping your back as straight as possible. Once you have the item, try to keep it help around the centre of your body, as this will make sure the load is evenly distributed and reduce the chances of an injury. The reverse should be applied when placing an item down. Don’t bend over, bend down with your knees and then release the item.

Avoiding lifting where possible

Although there will be times where you will have to lift your furniture, for getting down some stairs or loading the van for example, when in the house or on fairly level ground, you can save your energy and slide it instead. If you’re having trouble sliding a piece of furniture across a carpet, then try placing pieces of cardboard under the legs. This will help your furniture to move with little resistance, and can make it very easy to shift things through your old house or new SE1 home.

Load and unload your furniture first

By doing this, you can get all of the heavy lifting done straight away when unpacking, while you still have the energy. It also makes sense to try and get all your furniture in the places that you want to keep it straight from the van if possible, as this will mean you won’t have to shift anything around later and can focus on the rest of the unpacking. Leaving furniture until the end of your move is not a good idea, as you will probably be quite tired by this point and may not have the energy or motivation to start lifting heavy things.

Other tricks

In addition to sliding and lifting the correct way, there are other ways you can move your furniture around that don’t require too much effort. A moving trolley can be very handy if you can get one prior to your move, as this will enable you to simply load anything heavy onto the trolley and wheel it where you need it. Also, you can try leaning your furniture so that you can gradually ‘walk’ it across the floor, by shifting one corner at a time. Finally, if you are getting frustrated or tired at any time, then stop and have a rest. It’s better to come back and tackle the problem after a breather than trying to force anything, which may lead to a breakage or worse, injury.