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When you feel the urge to move to north London, there are a great many ways in which to make a scary process feel simple and easy, with our quick list of Kentish town removal tips.
Booking your removal service well in advance will mean that you get the exact dates that you need, and therefore choose your removal company by preference, rather than their availability. Fridays often get booked up the quickest, so avoid moving just before the weekend if you can, as it will give you a better selection of companies to choose from. When you feel like you have selected the perfect service, be sure that the firm has an insurance policy that will cover the right amount for your goods.

Plan extensively, making yourself prepared for anything that could go wrong. This means visiting the new house and checking how the new place could change your move. List all that needs sorting out before hand, and make notes as to what needs doing and when. Get a look at all of your new appliances to see what condition they are in, and have them sorted out by a trained up professional. This will help prevent last minute calamities, like having no hot water, light, or heating when you get to the house. Get all of your kitchen appliances looked at by a registered engineer who can give you the lay of the land as to the well being of your units, but be aware that some repairers will quote for things that don’t always need doing. If there are problems that will not be sorted then you can plan in advance to make them less of a problem, like finding the number for a takeaway place, or a laundrette, should your cooker or washing machine have blown up!.

Sell off any furniture that you won’t need in the new house before you move. Charities will sometimes collect items from your doorstep, so thats one less problem to consider. Make sure that everything you can get done before the move gets done, like laying carpets and any electrical or decorating work that you may need doing. This will all be infinitely easier in an empty house. Empty your fridge, freezer and cupboards in advance of the move, so that you won’t waste food by throwing it out when you’re moving.

Get rid of the children! Unless they are particularly helpful or mature, younger children are sometimes a bit of an issue during a house move. If you have means to, send them off to a helpful relative, so that they don’t have to contend with the removal process for your much needed attention. This will also keep them out of the way of your removal team, and avoid any dangerous accidents that may come from having your kinds running about! If you can’t get shot of your children on the day then get them helping out. Even if just sorting their own toys into a box, its a potential distraction for them and a certain amount of the weight off of your mind.

If no one knows what then they won’t be able to give it to you! Let everyone involved be aware of how you think the move should go. That includes the removal company, your family and those who are dealing with your new place. Take the head of your removal team through your boxes, and the plan of the new house before hand. This will allow him to instruct his team properly so that you won’t be worrying as much.