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Nowadays, in trying to find the right removal company, it's often the internet which can be your greatest friend. But in particular, it's your friends on the internet who can be your greatest guide.

How often have you been chatting to a friend and said 'Oh I had an awful experience with such and such company...' only to hear in reply 'Why didn't you ask me first! I always go to…and they never let me down.' In times before, in the age of the simple land-line phone that is, it may have been hard to get hold of that particular person or just to find the right time to talk.

Now though, with the internet not only on computers but on notepads, iPhones and every other media device, it's much easier to make sure that you never miss that friend's vital opinion whether you're looking for a removal company in Sussex, Inverness or anywhere else in-between.

To begin with, for example, why not simply post a message on Facebook saying you're looking for a good removal company? People love to give their opinions and more often than not a discussion will soon take place where, with a bit of luck, you'll have two or three people recommending the same company. It could be a man and a van or an established UK national company but because your friends know you, the advice will usually be more tailored to what you are looking for.

As well as giving an opinion, people also love the opportunity to share their own stories and experiences. So in addition you'll no doubt get tips on all sorts of things you may or may not have thought about before, such as storage or packing.

Otherwise, you can send an email to a few trusted friends, particularly, of course, if you know they've already gone through the same experience of moving house. Not only is this good for recommendations but also a good guide in hearing about which companies you should avoid.

One potential drawback is that certain companies can pick up on Twitter and Facebook messages and send you spam about their own companies. Yet even this can be a helpful guide for you. Regardless of their size or reputation, as a general guide, good trusted companies will not send out spam emails and should be avoided.

Twitter as well can be a great help to you. It can often be that one friend who happens upon your tweet and sends you that all-important info, which means you find a removal company better and less expensive than the one you would have ended up with otherwise.

The internet can be even more helpful if you're emigrating from the UK, be it to Europe, the US or Australia. Say you're planning a move to France, for example; there may be info you can gather from friends who have already moved there and can help with French legislation or obstacles they came up against themselves. It's beneficial, and often much easier, to learn from their experiences as well as your own.

Overall, in making the right choice of a removal company, it's important to try and give yourself as much choice as possible and the internet can give you that choice. But in particular, there can be no greater guide for you than a recommendation from a good friend whose opinion you can trust. And nowadays, the internet will often be the place where those friends with all their valuable advice, tips, warnings and recommendations can be found.