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Moving out or moving in. Selling a house or buying one. In any of these cases you will need the help of a professional, a person whose work is to sift out all the untrustworthy proposals from those that would be realistic. His or her job is to ease your life and to spare you a lot of trouble and pressure. Many people choose to trust the first person they meet, yet this is not always the best decision.

The first and most important requirement for an estate agent is that he should be familiar with the real estate market. A person who has worked a lot in the area and is familiar with it could be more useful than even the most highly paid and respected agent. He should know which neighborhood is more appropriate for a family or for a single person. For example, he will know if the two-bedroom apartment you are planning to buy or rent is worth the money that is being asked. Or he could advise you about what is the most appropriate price to sell or lease your house or apartment.

Another important feature of the best estate agent is the fact that he must be a kind of psychologist – to be familiar with human nature and be able to use it because knowing the area is only one side of the coin. When the right place is found, the agent must be skilled enough to convince the owner to sell it at a lower (more appropriate) price. The really good agent knows how to influence potential customers. He convinces them that this is the place they have been looking for and even if the price is a bit high, that’s nothing compared to the beautiful scenery and the wonderful atmosphere of your new home.

You should not forget also that an important feature of the good estate agent is to be able to bargain the best final price. Either the lowest or the highest – it all depends on the occasion – the most important thing is that the client be satisfied. If you try to bargain by yourself you could definitely be misled by someone, while an agent who is used to dealing with different people hopefully won’t be fooled by anyone.

Finding a new home is not always easy, especially when you are planning on moving to an unfamiliar location. This is when you need someone from the area, someone familiar and well aware of all the peculiarities of the place and community. His can save you a lot of time searching on the Internet or in the local newspapers for advertisements. You should also keep in mind that even if you have visited the town before, it not so easy to find the needed streets or neighbourhoods. If you use the services of a real estate agent, he could do this “dirty” work and all you have to do in the end is visit the places that meet your requirements.

People often think that the services of a real estate agent are quite expensive, that’s why sometimes they choose to do the search by themselves. But in fact these few extra quid they have to pay are nothing compared to all the nerves and the tiring search you have to make before you find your new home. So it’s much easier to hire someone (who knows what he is doing) to do it for you while you are enjoying your free time.