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There are many problems with moving home, but the main one that we tend not to consider because of it’s strange transparency, is cost. Moving usually comes at a time in our lives when we’re particularly strapped for cash, due to either putting down a deposit on a new flat, but waiting for the deposit from the last place, or even having to start paying a mortgage. The last thing you need is to be shelling out hundreds of pounds that you do not have in order to get your things from one place to another, so here is how to organise an efficient but cheap home removal.

The first step on the way towards saving money is to plan carefully. Compile a list of everything that you need to get done for the move, and research how much it will typically cost. This list will allow you to take a look over the move and assess what you can save money on. For instance, if you are aware that you need to move a certain amount of boxes to the new house, with a month or so in advance, then you can start moving things in your own car, or in a hired van every weekend, rather than paying a larger sum for a removal company to do it in one day.

Giving yourself time will also allow you to find ways of getting your materials cheaply. If you have a few weeks before you need to start packing, then you can spend some time tracking down second hand boxes, rather than buying them all new at the last minute. Asking around your friends and family for spare boxes that they may have stashed at their houses form previous moves is a good start for getting some materials on the cheap. Going to furniture and bike shops for spare boxes is a good idea as well, let them know that you are looking for large packing boxes, and that you will drop in everyday at a certain time to pick them up. The hope is that the shops will be pleased to have someone get rid of their recycling for them and will save the boxes for you, giving them away for cheap.

Use recycled newspapers that you may have collected instead of bubble wrap or expensive new paper. This will cut your costs as well as being much better for the environment, as you will be preventing wide spread deforestation.

The most popular way to reduce your costs is to get the whole move done under your own steam, avoiding the sometimes astronomical costs of using a removals firm. If you have time on your side, your own car or van, and some free help, then this can definitely be a worthwhile move to make. The best way to move a small flat or house is to get a man and van and some friends together, and promise them a free meal at the end of the process. If you have a large extended family, then you may be lucky enough to have some student types in amongst your relatives, who will work for much less than the removal men will do so for. Be aware however, that your friends and family do not have the adequate training for the most part, so if you have a particularly large move on your hands, or some extremely heavy furniture to get moved, then you will likely want to stay safe and insured by hiring some properly trained helpers.