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Whether you are moving down one house on your street, from one town to another in the area, or from one county to another, you really need to know what you are doing. Of course there are many things that depend on the distance you are moving, but in each of the cases you have to ask around and understand the details of the process. It is normal for the removal to be easier when covering shorter distances. But now I will try to be helpful and tell you what I know about international removals. Listen carefully.

Usually, the process of gathering, packing and unpacking all of your stuff is one and the same no matter where you are moving, but there are some specific rules to know when transporting all your luggage to an international location. It doesn’t matter if there are two, three or ten countries to travel through, usually there is some important documentation you have to prepare before starting the trip itself. First of all, I would advise you not to transport your things on your own. This may hide a lot of unexpected problems and could be more risky than you ever expected.

So, let’s start with hiring a professional transport company to do the job. Yes, you will have to pay them for that service, but believe me, even in this case it is safer for you and your belongings. Just in case you decide to do it by yourself, I will try to explain later the exact documents you will need for that. Before preparing the documentation, first you need to know some things about the packing of your belongings. First, use reinforced boxes, even those with the doubled walls if you have to, just in case. Or pick whatever type of boxes you like, but make sure they are secured and will prevent your stuff from being damaged. After packing them all up, it is really very, very important to put label the boxes. It doesn’t matter whether you use numbered stickers or some other system, each label must be large and easily read, so no cursive.  

This is why it’s so important to label your boxes (numbering is a good system): a packing list is the most important document you can carry with you for an international removal. It must contain detailed information about each and every box in your load. If using numbers, write what it inside each box next to each number. It is important to do this, especially when crossing borders of new EU member states or countries that are not members of the EU. There are borders with really harsh and unforgiving customs control and strict officers. If there are any doubts that your stuff is illegal they may make you unpack the boxes, and of course, this might mix up the things that you so carefully fit in there before. So just concentrate and make the packing list perfect and detailed enough. It is always better if you do not have to cross third-party countries, so try to do everything possible to avoid customs control and unnecessary crossings.

Together with the packing list, it is good to have with you any document that proves the sale of your things, especially if they are valuable. Anything like invoices, or debit notes will do the job. This should be enough for you to transport your stuff through any border legally. And do not forget to issue or write a travelling document like a driving list, describing your route (for the professional transporters, such a document is called the CMR). Well, now you are ready to go. Good luck!