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Selling your home is never easy, especially with the economic downfall affecting the current housing market. But with the previous fall in house prices and rise in available properties, how do you make your property stand out from the masses of competition and entice potential buyers into making you a prospective offer? The following five tips with give you a helping hand when trying to sell your home.

Find the Right Agent  

When selling your house you may be tempted to go with the agent that charges the lowest commission or the one that values your home for the highest asking price; however, it is imperative that you do your research.  Explore your local area and find the most suitable agent to cater to your needs. Try to keep your options open and find at least three agents who have a good record of selling similar properties to you own. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and after discussing your intentions choose the agent you feel is the best one to sell your property.


With the hordes of competition out there it’s never a bad idea to renovate your house to make it more attractive to potential buyers. Nothing major or elaborate is needed, as it would be counter-productive to install an expensive new bathroom suite or to add a conservatory. But a fresh coat of paint to tired walls, weeding the garden, reviving old carpets and restoring original features can really make a difference to your home’s cosmetic appearance and, in turn, the selling of your house.

Don’t Forget Cleanliness                                 

When a prospective buyer enters your home they often base their ‘buying’ decision on if they can imagine themselves and their family living in the space on offer. With this in mind it’s very important that your house is free of clutter with no unnecessary furniture piled high in each room. Uncover your home’s potential, recycle or store unneeded furniture to showcase extra space and remember to dust regularly and always air out unused rooms. Also, try using air fresheners or incense to create a pleasant atmosphere or to cover the smell of any pets. This may seem trivial but the last thing you want prospective buyers to remember about your house is the odour of animals.     

Take an Active Interest   

Even though you have left the sale of your house in the capable hands of an agent, the last thing to want to do is sit back and wait for it to happen, so stay involved. With the use of social media, you can advertise your house yourself by putting your property on websites like Gumtree and loot.com or you can even place an ad in your local paper.      

Make Sure the Price is Right     

It may be disheartening to have to sell your house for a lower asking price than you expected. This may or may not be the case depending on your personal circumstances, but either way it is very important to put your house on the market for the right price. If your property is priced too high you could scare off a lot of potential buyers, but if priced too low you are, of course, losing out. Have an open mind and research the average price of similar houses for sale in your local area and always set your asking price higher than the lowest offer you will accept to leave enough room to bargain. Selling your house may seem daunting but you’ll be surprised at the difference these five cleverly simple tips can make.