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Unfortunately, the world is not inhabited by perfect people and crime is an issue throughout the world and theft is a common crime committed during a home or office removal but there are ways to avoid such things from happening. There are people aware of what you are doing whether you are aware of it or not and when someone sees that you are moving homes and they see boxes being packed, word can travel around quickly and sometimes that information can fall in the wrong ears, someone who may try to take advantage of that situation. Here are some precautions you can take while moving house to keep your belongings safe.

1)    Try not to stack boxes outside of the home or load them up as you go along, people may see this as an open invitation for them to stop by after you leave to make the first trip. Instead, pack all of the boxes and stack them neatly in a room of the house that still has curtains or blinds up and move them out all at once if possible. If it is not possible to make one trip then ask a neighbor that you trust to house sit while you make the first trip.

2)    Make it a habit to only let a few people that are trusted friend s know about your removal, not everyone that asks what you are doing needs to know.

3)    Make sure that you pick up your spare keys if you have any hidden outside of the house and give them to a trusted friend. If you somehow lose the ones you have, ask your friend and he can supply the spare set. Even though no one has found them before doesn’t mean they won’t if they know there is a bunch of goody boxes sitting in the living room of your home and you are not there.

4)    Leave a radio on in the house, after you leave and it will make it hard for someone to tell for sure if someone is inside the home or not.

5)    Make sure you lock the door when you leave!

6)    Hire a removal company for the removal and they can take everything in one load to the new destination.

7)    Step outside for a fresh breath of air every once in a while you are packing and look around the neighborhood for any suspicious persons or people you haven’t noticed in the community before. If you notice someone or multiple people call the police and ask them to check out the suspicious people. Always better safe than sorry.

8)    If you have a guard dog, walk him outside before you leave so if anyone is watching they will see that there is a dog in the house and let the dog do his job while you are gone.

9)    Try to do the move during the daylight hours if possible.

10)    Ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your home while you are away for a while and leave a number for them to get in touch with you if need be.