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House removals have always been one of the activities which takes the most planning and the greatest amount of organisation. The concept of packing away the entirety of your home and moving it far away is, by its very nature, a complicated and confusing affair. As such, the best way to overcome the stress and confusion of a move is to approach the whole situation with a rigorous and serious plan and a method with which you can approach and deal with all of the minor and major troubles which are typical of a house move. For those planning Bermondsey house removals, work through this list and consider each point in turn for a stress free move dictated by a serious planning approach.

Bermondsey home removals are afflicted by the same problems which affect the majority of people moving to London, the most obvious of which is navigating the city. For those unfamiliar with the tricky twisting roads and the complex one way systems, driving through the heart of the city to your new home can be tough and can seriously delay any move. In order to beat this, plan ahead with research into the best routes, which routes take you along the least busy streets, when and how rush hour might affect you and any alternative solutions to traffic problems which affect most drivers in the city. In terms of routing a good map or satellite navigation system can do wonders for cutting down your worries, but do not rely entirely on one system. The serious planner always has a backup should his first option fail.

The serious planning of moving to Bermondsey can be combatted by finding and hiring the right removals firm. The right removals firm can be delegated to and can handle a good deal of the heavy lifting. Hiring a great removals company means that you will not only have someone on hand to help you shift your items, but you will have a well versed team with a great deal of experience in home removals. As such, this team can offer advice and can assist with aspects of planning in areas in which your knowledge might be lacking.

An often forgotten aspect of moving home is the notifying of the old utility companies. Letting the gas, electric, water and telephone companies know of your plan to move means that you will be able to move into the new home without having to worry about the possibility of a large and unnecessary bill arriving at the old address in your name.

Knowing the order in which to pack is a serious planner’s key skill. Consider the items you use the most and the items you use the least. The items which are rarely used should be packed away first, and then work your way through everything until finally you arrive at the items you cannot live without. When you have completed the move to SE16, then you need only work backwards through the same process to quickly and efficiently unpack your house and set up the items you need most, quickest.  

Serious planning for your SE1 house removals are exemplified by a moving checklist. A moving checklist is a document itemising each and every aspect of the move, and allows for those serious about their planning to make sure that the moving day goes off without a hitch. A well-constructed moving list will be like a hymn sheet from which the entire moving team can sing, and can quickly establish an order and a plan which will make certain that the day is a well-planned and well carried out affair.