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If you happen to watch a house removal process on TV, you will most certainly come to the conclusion that this is just a standard activity, which happens to so many people, that it is really easy and anyone can do it. The truth is that house removal does happen to millions of people every year, and it is manageable, but it’s definitely not as easy as you may think. House removal is a long process, above all – it is tiresome, painstaking and stressful. However, there are a few basics one should be aware of, once they know they are facing a removal. Knowing what you are getting yourself into is the first step towards a successful move.

The basic steps of every house removal are: planning the move, making an inventory of your belongings, getting the moving boxes and packing material ready, packing everything the right way, loading the boxes inside the moving truck, transporting this load to your new place, unloading everything, unpacking and arranging the new home. All of these steps require lots of physical labour and a careful organization. Things can go wrong in many ways, and you may damage valuable items, hurt yourself or lose a box on the way. There are many areas which need special attention. Some of them include: packing china and glassware, transporting artwork and breakables, taking care of important documents, easy transportation of clothes. When you are moving house you need to understand that you cannot possibly put everything inside the truck. All your jewellery, expensive items and folders with important documents must be in the vehicle you are moving with. If anything happens to the truck, even if you have good insurance, your items might be damaged or lost. Things with sentimental value also need extra care. Once you’ve packed the boxes and prepared the whole load, it’s time to arrange all that inside the truck in the most effective way. This is a job for the movers, even if you think you can manage on your own. Each box should be properly labeled, so the heavier ones go at the bottom, and the fragile ones are on top. TV screens, paintings and mirrors should be in thinner boxes of proper size, with lots of bubble wrap and placed horizontally inside the truck. Transporting a truck which contains your entire household can also be a nightmare – no speeding is reasonable, no sudden stops either. Each wrong movement can cause something to break inside the boxes. After you have the boxes transported safely to your new home, they should go in the room they are labeled for. This saves time and efforts, so make sure this is done the right way. Unpacking is another long and strenuous process and if you can get help from friends and relatives, you really should. Positioning the furniture is one of the hardest activities, so unless you have lots of help, trust the movers with this one. House removalists are trained to unwrap, clean and position furniture in the matter of minutes, without causing damage or scratching your walls. House removals companies offer a variety of services, depending on how much you can pay or how much you are willing to do on your own. If you want a full house removal, be prepared to pay a lot and to leave many tips to the movers, but also you could sit back and relax during most of the time.