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Being ready for a big move is something that many people underestimate. It can be the difference between a smooth and easy move, and a very uncomfortable and often stressful process. While we understand that there are so many possible problems with moving house that it is never going to be a fun experience, there are a great deal of things that can be done to make your move much more streamlined and a lot less agonising. Get prepared for your removal to Clapham in advance by following our easy steps towards planning and preparation.

Firstly, you can only really plan things in advance, if you are currently in an ‘advance’ stage of the move! There is no use in getting your planning done while you should be getting packed or even moving, so giving yourself a decent amount of breathing time before the move in which to plan out the process will allow you to make the most of the time and reduce the amount of work you have to do all at once. We are serious when we suggest starting to make plans at least a month ahead, as this will mean that you are over-prepared, and will have the Clapham move on your mind at all times, but in a relaxed way, which is much better than having to constantly panic about getting everything done for a couple of weeks solid!

Start by compiling a list of everything that needs doing. Our key starters are to get things under the before, during and after stages of the move. Use these headers to allow you to go through the move in your mind, giving thought to how each stage will be affected by your planning. Note down every little thing that you think of as you go through the process and make extensive plans based on those thoughts.

Some ideas to get you started.

BEFORE; Find a removal company, start packing, talk to the electricity, water and gas companies to arrange the change over date, arrange the postal redirection, sort out the internet switch over, find the children a place to stay during the move. Check over the new house for work that needs doing. Organise storage in Clapham and car boot sale. Visit the recycling plant.

DURING. Have all boxes at an easy to reach position in the house for the movers, provide refreshments, have parking permits in place, make sure your own car has enough fuel.

AFTER. Unpacking, get energy supplies sorted and switched on,

Obviously the AFTER stage is less important, as the bulk of the work can go ahead as calmly and slowly as you like it to, as there is no deadline for unpacking as it were. The main thing to worry about is the ‘BEFORE’ section, as this is where the work that you do will really affect the speed of the DURING process.

Getting everything down on paper is a good way to start realising that there is actually not that much to do, and that much of it can be done in a day or less, like sorting out the energy and water transfers, or arranging the internet to be switched. Having the new house looked over a decent time in advance is certainly one of the most important things to get done, as sometimes work that needs to be done in a property, like redecorating and fitting new carpets, will take a long time, and will need the place to be empty. Therefore doing these things before all of your stuff has been moved in is very important.