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Having a moving company assist in a home or office removal is always a great thing to take advantage of, especially since they can supply all the manpower you will require and they can easily make sure that specific deadlines are met but there are some things that you should make them aware of before they arrive or during the quote for the removal. If they have all the information they need to make an estimate them it will save you and them time and money.

1)    Make sure they know how many rooms are in the home or office and if you know how big each room is you can mention the size of the room as well. This will make for a better estimate for the cost of the move and how many men they will need to send to the jobsite.

2)    If you have any animals in the home it is good to let the removal company know what kind of animals and how many and whether they will be in the house or office during the time of the removal.

3)    Sometimes you may need to have appliances moved but you may not have the tools you need to disconnect the items. If this is the case make the removal company aware that they may need to bring tools to disconnect specific appliances. Good companies’ offer this service and other will make customers aware that they do not deal with such things. It is best to make sure ahead of time so you know whether you need to take care of the disconnection yourself or if they can handle it for you.

4)    If there is going to be any delicate items that will require special care during the move, it is best to make sure the removal company you hire is aware of these items, so they can make sure they can accommodate the items for you.

5)    Removal companies need to have a good means of access to the home or apartment. If there are foreseeable access problems to the property, make sure the removal company is aware in advance so they can work around any issues.

6)    If you need the removal company to do some packing on top of just hauling your belongings, they will need to know well in advance, so they can schedule the time it will take and have all the packing materials that will be needed on hand to pack everything accordingly.

7)    If there is any obstruction or construction zones you are aware of on the way to your new home or apartment, you should let the removal company you are working with know, so the route can be outlined and everyone can meet their targeted schedules for the move.

8)    If there are extremely heavy items the removal company should have an estimate of the weight so they can have enough men on hand to be able to handle the load or bring the necessary equipment to move the items.