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The Highbury part of London is included in the borough of Islington. It is very interesting area with old history. The identically named manor is in the bottom of the development in the region. For long time it was possession of the knights of the Hospitallers. They received it as their property in the 13th century from the Prior of St John of Jerusalem. The building remained in their hands till the 16th century, when it was reconstructed from a rich stock broker and turned into a house.

The interesting history of this construction goes on and the next thing it was turned into was a school. Unfortunately the building can not be visited and seen from the people today, because it was totally demolished in 1938. Still the stories for this place are going around the area.

Another thing very interesting and famous for the region is the Arsenal Football Club, which for many years had a stadium in the neighborhood and made the citizens proud with its achievements in the premier league. The team was maybe the thing that made the area very popular and preferred place for living. Unfortunately like everything good this collaboration also has its end and it began with the demolishing of the stadium in order to follow the plans of the municipality of making large and luxurious apartment building at the spot. Though the stadium is already not there, the complex that will replace it will not suffer from lack of interest and the rumors say that the prices of the properties will be very high when they are ready.

If you are one of the people interested to come and rent a place in the new building, that will be made on the spot of the former Arsenal Stadium in this part of London, that you should collect information about moving in the area.

The UK Easy Removals is the company with the longest experience that is serving the area and will provide anyone with the necessary materials and help for relocation. The prices will be affordable for everyone. In case you need special services, you can call the office and get a quote on any situation that you are interested in.

The experience in the moving and the good knowledge of the area will guarantee high quality of the service. Even more – the company will provide the clients with checklist and special links to websites, which are specific for the life in this part of London and will be very helpful in the process of relocation.

The removing often requires high percent of flexibility and ability to react in unexpected situations. The packing is the most challenging part of the relocation and usually the biggest surprises are coming from there. The company will lay a hand with this too. When you have objects that are hard for packing and you have some standard boxes, that do not fit them, any client can send what he has at home as material to the company and the staff will create from them a package that will just fit your needs. The customized package is something that will really solve many problems.

The removals from this part of the city are not limited in the dimensions of the stuff that has to be loaded and transported to another place. The company will be on the spot no matter if it is small moving, office or even whole house relocation. For the huge removals the firm is offering packing containers which will absolutely fit inside anything that you would like to take with you to the new place.