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Making everyone aware of an office move is very important and understanding what will be going through employee’s minds when the news is shared is the most important. The most common thought that will be going on, especially in these days and times of economic crises and layoffs, is downsizing. This may very well be the case but informing all the employees of what is going on needs to be done correctly, so that everyone involved is on the same page.

Call a meeting:
The first step is to get everyone together for an open discussion on the matter, but first addressing why the move is taking place. Employees will want to know why, when and how. All of the employees lives will be affected by an office move and it is good to take the time to discuss these issues with everyone in an open forum. This will help answer all the common questions or concerns right away. Having an open discussion will also help to identify employees that need to discuss personal or direct issues privately. The idea to a successful open forum is that everyone knows what is about and understands clearly where you are going. This will open the door for questions that are relevant to the issue. Openly let everyone know what will and will not happen.

Speak to each person privately:
It is necessary to speak with each individual privately to figure out their concerns that they may not have wanted to share publicly, if there even are any, which there surely will be. Concerns about travel and time schedule will be asked and it is good to address these concerns for each employee. If there will be some arrangements set up, it would be a good idea to announce them beforehand at the meeting.

Hand out information sheets:
Employees should have a general information pack that includes such information as the new office address, when keys to the office will be issued and other information everyone will need. It may be a good idea to include things that employees should do to prepare for the move like turn in any unfinished projects by a specific date or to call their clients and let them know about the change. Keeping everyone well informed and addressing their concerns is key to having a smooth transition.

These few things should be done in announcing an office move to employees as they will help everyone understand exactly what needs to be done and how it will be. Without a proper announcement of the move, employees may get confused on what it actually is and this could lead to slowed productivity. If there are certain employees who will have to carry out certain tasks during the removal, they should be made aware in advance and possibly in private.

Check online for some common tasks that can be handed out for employees during a office removal. There are many online resources to help the management of the removal too and some pointers that may be good to check out.