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Guide to Self Storage

17 June 2014

Very often it's a hard job for a person to part with his or her old possessions. Most often these belongings are of a sentimental value for us, but in other cases we are just overloaded with old things that we want to keep. Then comes the question of space. There are many cases when a family or a business decides to  implement the removal and the storage of the items is a really big problem and challenge that needs to be solved.

Self  storage is actually one great solution of the problem. Basically, self storage services offer storage spaces that can be rented monthly. But what makes them different is that the self storage units can cover the needs of a single person, a small or big business, or even the requirements of a family with a huge house. The self storage companies can lease you lockers or small premises, as well as storage containers and outdoor utilities. One must know that self storage is quite affordable and is really a very convenient place for preserving personal and other important belongings.

The option of self storage gives you the ability to be more flexible. Except that the rented premises can vary in the size of the space. The period for which the unit is rented can also vary a lot, thus not draining your bank account, leaving you calm and satisfied. In addition to that and in contrast to the traditional storage methods, one can access his or her storage unit any time. This option gives you the ability to check on your items whenever you want, without being obliged to inform someone or needing to wait until the unit is opened, or paying extra fees. Moreover, these places allow you to move your things around freely, which means that you can take some items or add new stuff undisturbed. Very often, for the sake of your convenience, the self storage units are organized in such a way that you can just drive up to the doors of the unit and park outside.

So considering all of the above, we can generalize that the self storage services as well as packing services cover a great range of needs. Whether you want to free up space in your home, clean your garage, or want to move to a new place, whether you want to store some seasonal items or you need a business storage solution, self storage is just the perfect decision.

And if you are already convinced of the benefits of self storage, then think well on how to select the self storage facility. In the first place you have to determine the location and you also have to decide what you need. It is easier to hire a nearby unit, but in case you undertake a long distance relocation then make sure that you choose a reputable storage company. The other important moment in hiring such a place is the choosing of the space you'll need. As mentioned above the self storage facilities can be different in size and surely can cover your specific necessities.

The climate controlled storage units are one of the big conveniences that self storage services offer. These are premises where the temperature and the humidity are controlled. Many households as well as businesses have their valuable and delicate belongings that need special storing. Things like electronics, furniture, important documents, antiques, etc., must not be exposed to moisture, dirt and dust, or extreme high or low temperatures. Hiring such a special self storage unit will save you a lot of troubles in the long run.

Besides all these advantages which the self storage facilities offer, one must keep in mind that the arrangement of the unit is in his or her hands. Of course, there are companies on the market that offer packing,  unpacking  and  removal services but first of all, it's called 'self storage' because you can do it freely by yourself. So when it comes to arranging your unit, do your best to use uniformly sized boxes. This will surely facilitate you when you are piling them up. Try to use all the space in the facility, including vertical space. What you must remember here is that the heavier boxes should be at the bottom and the lighter ones on the top. You will easily reach your items if you leave a little space, like walkways, between the piles.

And remember, never store anything flammable or combustible in your self storage unit.

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