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Flats And Furniture Removals - No Building Too High Or Staircase Too Steep!

18Sep 2014

So, you're moving flat. You live at the top of a high rise building. You have a great deal of furniture to move and some of it is quite bulky. You've taken one look at the stairs and wondered at why they were built to be so narrow! Clearly the architects weren't thinking about how on earth you were going to get your beloved sofa from the top floor to an awaiting removals van on the ground floor! But there's no need to fret. All is not lost and luckily you won't have to hack your lovely dinning room table set to pieces in order to get it out the building.Luckily these days there's a huge array of furniture removal services available that use professionals who can help out. Many of them are experts in furniture removals in high flat blocks and will be able to advise on ways to make the process easier. However, there's quite a few things you can do to help make it easier on yourself. Maybe you're moving flat or perhaps you're simply clearing out the apartment.Organise the smaller itemsIf you have smaller items for moving out, then pack them in moving boxes securely. This will make the whole operation far easier if this is all done in advance. It's quite easy to get hold of boxes from supermarkets, or most moving firms actually sell their own boxes too which of a great quality. The sizes of these boxes are standardised, so this makes loading the van far easier for you and the moving men. Make sure you label the boxes with their rooms and contents. This will be useful during the unload so that boxes and furniture can be directly unloaded into the right room. Don't forget to use masking tape to tape boxes shut and use 'Fragile' tape where possible just to make people aware of delicate contents.Only take what you need to takeIt can be tempting to merely pack up everything you own and move it all to the new place. But take a moment to think about it. Is this a great chance to take stock or your things? Can you get rid of some of it? Can some of it be replaced? Siphoning off unwanted clutter can significantly reduce the amount you need to actually move. This might mean a faster pack down and you may save money by hiring a smaller van!Talk about the larger itemsWith many removal services, professionals will lift and carry your items up and down all the stairs in your building, normally even if the lift is broken! They are normally very skilled and experienced and will make sure this happens smoothly and safely. However, it's a good idea to talk to them before hand about the size, weight and shape of certain pieces of furniture. Most companies are experienced in moving sofas for example, but if you have a particularly large or delicate vintage arm chair, you may want to talk to them about it. Maybe you have four poster beds and a piano to move, whatever you have, talk to them about it. They can help advise on the best plan of action to move the item and then judge what kind of vehicle to use and how many staff members to bring.Preparing furniture for removalSome furniture may need padding. Put aside some blankets, pillows, towels and duvets to use as cushioning. You can tape blankets around TVs and mirrors perhaps, or use mattresses to cushion wardrobes and drawer units. Look out for furniture with moving parts as these will need to be secured. You can use tape to shut drawers or wardrobe doors, however if you're afraid of marking the furniture, use string or rope.

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