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If you are moving to the area with postcode NW6 in London, then you will be living in Queen’s Park, Kilburn, South Hampstead, Swiss Cottage, West Hampstead or Brondesbury. This area in North London will be your new home and you need to make sure you are adjusting well to it. Whether your settling down process will be a calm and stress-free one will depend considerably on the way you move house. If you don’t think that the actual moving day can affect the after-move process, you are totally wrong. In fact, the whole preparation and packing for the move are essential for the after-move process to go smooth.

One of the reasons for that is because a successful and efficient packing equals efficient and quick unpacking. You can rest assured that there is nothing harder than unpacking your entire household and rushing to get everything done on time, before you go back to work. When you move on your own you know you have to depend on yourself for just about anything, but when you relocate with your whole family, there is an extra burden and stress as they are depending on you to a great extent. You need to stay focused, calm, organized and completely aware of what is happening at any given moment.

Moving house adds lots of stress and pressure to the family and especially the children. The change for them is harder, because they don’t want to change their habits, routines, friends, schools and teachers. Moreover, they rarely understand the actual reasons for the house move and feel frustrated about that. Your responsibility is to explain how things stand and why the family has to relocate. If you have a job offer you can’t refuse, make them understand what a great opportunity that is. If you are moving in order to give your children a better chance in life, in terms of education and jobs, this shouldn’t be a secret either.

Point out the fact that millions of families and their children move house every year and it’s a very common practice – it’s neither scary, nor bad. Making children see the bigger picture in this situation is absolutely essential. Another thing you can do is discuss the choice of new school and then take them there so they can see it and meet their future teachers. It’s a small gesture which will make all the difference. Children are often scared of change as they fear they won’t be able to adapt, they won’t find friends and they will fail at school. Your role is to help them deal with these emotions in the best possible way.

It’s normal for you to focus on the logistics of the move, while your children focus on their mixed emotions. It’s a challenge to work together and cooperate, but it’s not impossible either. Try to get everyone involved in the move – the sense of purpose will motivate your children more than anything else. Nobody should feel left out as a house move is full of things to do every day. The decision-making process should also be a family thing – taking into consideration your children’s opinions is essential.
Don’t forget that children mirror their parents’ emotions, whether consciously or not. Try to stay calm and positive and this example will be priceless.