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What should you not do during a home or office removal? It is already a task no one wants to deal with and this alone can make it a something that we wish we didn’t have to do. To make it easier there are some things that should be avoided like panicking in the midst of it, that can be a terrible thing. What are those things that should be avoided during the removal? Become superman, maybe. Well that would be great but for those of us less talented and unable to leap tall buildings, these five things will keep us in line.

1)    Don’t let yourself get stressed
Easier said than done, right? Yes it is but just keep it in the back of the mind to take a breath and go for a walk when the pressure is building up to get everything done. During a home or office removal there are many tasks that need to be carried out and getting them all done can seem an impossible task. In reality though, with a little planning ahead and a tad bit of focus, along with some organization everything will get done right.

2)    Don’t wait till the last minute
Waiting till the last minute never helps get anything done and doing so is an instant recipe for a stressful move. How far ahead do you need to plan? As far ahead of the move as possible and then add two weeks to that just to make sure. Planning ahead will make it so that nothing has to be rushed; no one wants to rush such a delicate procedure. Doctors do not rush brain surgery, so don’t rush the move, take the time it takes.
3)    Don’t try to He-man it
He man was the action hero in the early 90’s who was super strong, veins popping out from every muscle. He lifted huge rocks and through them in the sky at his arch enemy Skeletor. Try not to lift the refrigerator or the copy machine like He-man does giant boulders because it’s likely you’ll just get hurt. Work in pairs or use a dolly. Even if you know it can be lifted with your brute strength, get help anyway.

4)    Don’t forget to make a checklist of things you may forget
If one thing is remembered, remember to make a checklist of things that need to be done. Include everything that you may forget to do or forget to pack. Things can include the wall safe in your closet or the extra cash taped under the kitchen sink or even your toothbrush, although you can always buy another toothbrush if you remember to get the bug-out cash.

5)    Don’t be afraid to call in reinforcements
Even though we would all like to think we can do anything on our own, sometime it is necessary to call in for support. If the going gets to tough or it’s not going at all, call in a removal company. A good removal company can supply everything from boxes and tape to the manpower and the trucks to get the removal done fast, safe and on time.
Follow these 5 things to avoid and you will be alright and things will get done right.