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We could sit here and remind you how stressful it is to be moving office, but if you’re reading this post, you’re probably perfectly aware, as you’re in the thick of the trials and tribulations of what must feel like moving a small island. So, instead, we’ve compiled a list of 5 great things about moving office, to get you through the tough part, as there definitely is light at the end of the frustrating tunnel.

Office Party

We’re not talking disco balls and Christmas-party escapades, but a little fun can’t hurt! Celebrate your new office in style with a party for the staff. Moving office is not just stressful for those managing and organising it and morale may be low. The perfect way to boost team spirit is to have a send-off for the old office, or a friendly office-warming for the new one.

Call the caterers and get in the sarnies, and once the memo has been passed around, you’ll be surprised at who makes some surprisingly good cupcakes. Fun and frolics is a great way to break the ice, especially if you’ve lost or gained a few members of staff in transition.

Office Furniture

It might seem dull, but if you’re moving office it’s the perfect opportunity to address the furniture situation. You can go all out with a total refurb, or simply replace a few tired looking items to give the place a new lease of life. If that’s out of your budget, take a look at what else could brighten up the work place and boost both team morale and productivity, a few pieces of art or some bright flowers make a world of difference.

Client Party

A great way to create some renewed interest in your company whilst you’re moving office is to keep clients and customers updated on the move. Posting details on the company blog or social media channels will not only keep people in the loop, it will also help to create a personable character for your brand which people easily relate too. Once you’re settled, why not invite customers and clients to take a look at your brand new offices and meet the staff? This is a fantastic opportunity to network and to generate business opportunities from both new and existing customers.

Office Layout

It’s definitely not the most exciting part of the list, but it could do wonders for the company’s productivity. This is a great time to consider the layout of everything; meeting rooms, staff space, office floor or even the boardroom. Think it will be more productive to have the sales and marketing team within close quarters? Give it a try! Whilst you’re moving office, you can trial a whole host of things and it’s a great opportunity to get feedback from staff on new changes and systems.

Take a look at the kitchen and communal areas, a bigger table might mean a better lunch break. Also, think about how it looks to clients or customers when they walk through the office, these things are small but can make a massive difference to a prospective client.

Office gifts

To firmly boost team spirit why not buy individual, table or team gifts for your staff when you’re moving office? It could be anything from a tin of chocolates to more personal gifts. It could also be a great idea to get everyone involved and have a Secret Santa type affair, where everyone buys a colleague a gift for their new desk. It’s a great way to get the team talking, interacting and adopt a positive approach to the move.