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Moving is often an exciting but also challenging endeavor which tests one’s patience and organizational skills. Naturally, packing is a central part of the entire process, which often requires agility and a cunning mind. While you are neatly putting all your belongings in boxes carrying labels such as ‘kitchen’ and ‘bedroom’, you occasionally come across objects that you are not entirely sure where to put, or if you even want to still own. These objects may be a weird book a friend gave you, or an ugly blouse you have never worn. The process of packing will inevitably excavate an abundance of such little treasures, but the question still remains, what to do with them? Natural instincts might direct you to the nearby garbage can, but perhaps it is worth taking into consideration some alternative options. Here are 4 suggestions that will assist you in lightening your moving load, while helping your community:

Donate unwanted books to local community centers

Leaving behind a truck load of books will inevitably assist you in your moving experience. But as throwing books away is considered a sin by many, other options should be addressed. One idea is to provide your unwanted books with a new and welcoming home. An alternative is to contact local community centers or clubs and generously offer to donate your collection of thriller novels and chick lit dramas. With this little act of good will you will manage to simultaneously fill a library and spare your back the burden of carrying the heavy literary marvels up the stairs of your new home.

Donate your clothes to charity

Clearing one’s closet always produces enormous amounts of clothing that will likely never see the light of day. Thus, instead of wondering in which box to stuff the horrendous elephant tie your sister gave you for your birthday you can put it in the bag labeled ‘charity’. When donating clothes to your local charity shop you are supporting a worthy cause. If you give your clothes to a nearby orphanage you are helping make the lives of the children a little better. Both these options are better than just throwing the clothes away, but if that elephant tie is such a crime against fashion, perhaps burning it would be the best solution.

Earning some cash with a yard sale

What is more exciting and fun than a good old fashioned yard sale, where you can try to tempt people into buying the junk from the depths of your cupboards? You have no place for the enormous ceramic giraffe in your new home? Then just put a price on it and pray that it perfectly fits with someone else’s decor. Yard sales are the ideal way of getting rid of your unwanted possessions while earning some cash you can invest in the decoration of your new home. Or if you are looking to still get bonus karma points you can donate all the yard sale profits to your favorite charity.

Throwing a ‘Farewell unwanted stuff’ party

As moving can be a stressful experience perhaps it will be fun to lighten the mood with a farewell party, where you can showcase all of the excess items that you do not want in your new home. Let your friends browse through these possessions and take the ones that tickle their fancy. Some refreshments and catchy tunes will set the conditions for a perfect farewell party. 

These are just some suggestions that will hopefully inspire further creative solutions for your excess belongings. Do not let the unwanted piles of stuff hinder your new beginning.